Faculty Profile

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Lee Kong Chian School of Business


Visiting Faculty
Visiting Professor of Innovation & Entrepreneurship


1997 Ph.D. in Management, Virginia Commonwealth University
1994 Master of Management Studies
Master of Science (Honours) in Biological Sciences,
Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani, India


Current Position(s) Held

2021 - Now Visiting Professor of Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Singapore Management University
2015 - 2021 Dean, Lee Kong Chian School of Business, Singapore Management University
2013 - 2016 Editor, Academy of Management Journal
2007 - 2014 Deputy Dean and Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Imperial College London
2005 - 2007 Associate Professor, London Business School


Research Interests

  • Resources, Capabilities and Entrepreneurship-- Resources, knowledge, internationalization
  • Inclusive Innovation -- Organizational design; Business models for inclusive growth
  • Knowledge Production and Innovation -- Science commercialization; networks and innovation


Recent Publications

  • Schillebeeckx, S.J.D., Lin, Y., George, G., Alnuaimi, T. 2020. Knowledge recombination and inventor networks: The asymmetric effects of embeddedness on knowledge reuse and impact. Journal of Management, in press. 
  • George, G., Merrill, R., Schillebeeckx, S.J.D. 2020.  Digital sustainability and entrepreneurship: How digital innovations are helping tackle climate change and sustainable development, Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice, in press. 
  • Blagoeva, R., Mom, T., Jansen, J. George, G. 2020. Problem-solving or self-enhancement? A power perspective on how CEOs affect R&D search in the face of inconsistent feedback. Academy of Management Journal, 63(2). 
  • Schillebeeckx, S.J.D., Lin, Y., George, G. 2019. When do expert teams fail to create impactful inventions? Journal of Management Studies, 56 (6): 1073-1104.
  • George, G., Baker, T., Tracey, P. & Joshi, H. 2019. Handbook of Inclusive Innovation: The role of organizations, markets, and communities in social innovation. Edward Elgar. (Edited Book, 584 pages)
  • Zou, T., Ertug, G., George, G. 2018. The capacity to innovate: A meta-analysis of absorptive capacity, Innovation: Organization & Management, 20 (2): 87-121.
  • Bock, A. & George, G. 2018. The Business Model Book: Design, build and adapt business models that drive business growth. Pearson (Book, 245 pages)
  • George, G. & Schillebeeckx, S.J.D. 2018. Managing Natural Resources: Organizational strategy, behavior and dynamics. Edward Elgar (Edited Book, 326 pages)
  • Caldwell, N., Roehrich, J., George, G. 2017. Social value creation and relational coordination in public-private collaborations, Journal of Management Studies, 54(6): 906-928.

  • Kyratsis, Y., Atun, R., Phillips, N., Tracey, P., George, G. 2017. Health systems in transition: identity work in the context of shifting institutional logics. Academy of Management Journal, 60(2): 610-641.
  • George, G., Howard-Grenville, J., Joshi, A., Tihanyi, L. 2016. Understanding and tackling societal grand challenges through management research. Academy of Management Journal, 59(6): 1879-1894.
  • Schillebeeckx, S.J.D., Chaturvedi, S., George, G., King, Z. 2016. What do I want? The effects of individual aspiration and relational capability on collaboration preferences. Strategic Management Journal, 37(7): 1493-1506. 

  • Alnuaimi, T., George, G. 2016. Appropriability and the retrieval of knowledge after spillovers, Strategic Management Journal, 37(7): 1263-1279. 
  • George, G., Kotha, R., Parikh, P., Alnuaimi, T., Bahaj, A. 2016. Social structure, reasonable gain, and entrepreneurship in Africa, Strategic Management Journal, 37(6): 1118-1131.


Research Advisor/Co-Research Advisor to

  • Dale John COOK (djcook.2019[at] dba.smu.edu.sg), Doctor of Business Administration  
  • WANG Xiaohui (xhwang.2017 [at] ckdba.smu.edu.sg), CKGSB-SMU DBA