Faculty Profile

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Full-time Faculty
Professor of Organisational Behaviour & Human Resources (Education)
Lee Kong Chian School of Business LKCSB



Ph.D. in Sociology and Development Planning
University of Bielefeld


M.A. in Sociology and Development Planning
University of Bielefeld

Current Appointment(s)

2012 - Now Professor of Organizational Behaviour and Human Resources (Education)
Lee Kong Chian School of Business, Singapore Management University
2017 - 2019 Fellow, SMU Academy, Singapore Management University
2001 - 2011 Associate Professor of Organizational Behaviour (Practice)
Lee Kong Chian School of Business, Singapore Management University
2011 - 2014 Area Coordinator for Organizational Behaviour and Human Resources
Lee Kong Chian School of Business, Singapore Management University
2009 - 2013 Curriculum Director, iLEAP Non-Profit Leadership Programme
Lien Centre for Social Innovation, Singapore Management University

Awards, Recognition and Honors

  • SMU Faculty / Staff Contribution to Student Life Award (Individual), 2017
  • Innovative Teacher Award Nominee, Singapore Management University, 2015
  • Emerald Literati Network 2012 Award for Excellence as Outstanding Reviewer, 2012.
  • Distinguished Teaching Award Nominee, Singapore Management University, 2010.
  • Winner of SMU's Most Innovative Teacher Award, 2009.
  • Nominated for 'Special Award for Innovation' by SMU's Teaching Excellence Taskforce, July 2008.
  • Dean's Teaching Honour List, Lee Kong Chian School of Business, Singapore Management University, 2007.
  • Nominated by Academy of Management 2003 for '2003 Carolyn Dexter All-Academy Award for Internationalizing the Academy, Paper 'Reflections about the Role of Expert Knowledge and Consultants in an Emerging Knowledge-based Economy (with Hans-Dieter Evers), August 2003.

Research Interests

  • Entrepreneurial Leadership in Asian (Chinese) Business  
  • Knowledge and Innovation Governance  
  • Technology-enhanced Teaching and (Blended) Learning

Selected Journal Articles (Refereed)

  • Kyong Jin Shim; Thomas Menkhoff; Ying Qian Teo; Clement Shi Qi Ong (2023). “Assessing the Effectiveness of a Chatbot Workshop as Experiential Teaching and Learning Tool to Engage Undergraduate Students”. Education and Information Technologies, Vol. 28, pp. 16065–16088. https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s10639-023-11795-5
  • “Future-proofing Students in Higher Education with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Technology: A Knowledge Management Case Study”, by Thomas MENKHOFF, Siew Ning KAN, Eugene K. B. Tan, Shaohui FOONG, 2022, Knowledge Management & E-Learning: An International Journal, Vol. 14 (2), 223-244.
  • “Getting Undergraduates Ready for China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) through an Overseas Experiential Learning Project”, by Andrew CHIN, Thomas MENKHOFF, Hans-Dieter EVERS, H.H. GN, Kevin KOH, C.W. LEE, Patrick LOH, L. LOW, S. TAN, T.S. TEO and N. YAP, 2021, China and the World: Ancient and Modern Silk Road, Vol. 4 (3), 1-36.
  • “Enhancing Students’ Global Competence through International Business Study Missions”, by Mark CHONG, Benjamin K.S. GAN and Thomas MENKHOFF, 2021, Journal of International Education in Business, Vol. ahead-of-print No. ahead-of-print. https://doi.org/10.1108/JIEB-06-2020-0054
  • “Flipping a Course on Entrepreneurial Leadership in Ethnic Chinese Business – A Mobile Learning Perspective”, by Thomas MENKHOFF, 2018, Asian Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, Vol. 8(2), 181-200.
  • “China’s Belt and Road Initiative and ASEAN’s Maritime Clusters”, by Hans-Dieter EVERS and Thomas MENKHOFF, 2018, Southeast Asian Social Science Review, Vol. 3(2) July-Dec., 8-29.
  • "TweetBoard – A Case Study of Developing a Micro-Blogging Platform for Higher Education", by Joyce H.C. HSU; Benjamin K. S. GAN; Le JIN; Sheryl S.H. LIM; Jeremy X.Y. LIM; Thomas MENKHOFF; Sherman S.X. Tan; Jason WOODARD; Qiu C YAP, 12/2016, International Journal of Social Media and Interactive Learning Environments, 4, 4, 305 - 318.
  • "Incorporating Microblogging (“Tweeting”) in Higher Education: Lessons Learnt in a Knowledge Management Course", by Thomas MENKHOFF; Yue Wah CHAY; Magnus Lars BENGTSSON; C. Jason WOODARD; Benjamin Kok Siew GAN, 2015, 51, Computers in Human Behavior, 1295-1302.
  • "Fostering the Learning Capacity of Small-Scale Ethnic Chinese Business Organizations: An Exploratory Study", by Thomas MENKHOFF; Yue Wah CHAY, 2014, International Journal of Asian Business and Information Management, 5, 2, 41-58.
  • "Engaging Students in Higher Education Through Mobile Learning: Lessons Learnt in a Chinese Entrepreneurship Course", by Thomas MENKHOFF and Magnus Lars BENGTSSON, 2012, 11, Educational Research for Policy and Practice, 225-242.
  • "Using Web-Bsed ICT in Learning: A Case Study of a Knowledge Management Programme", by Thomas MENKHOFF, THANG Tze Yian, CHAY Yue Wah and WONG Yue Kee, 2011, 41, 2, Journal of Information and Knowledge Management Systems, 132-151.
  • "Exploring the Antecedents of Knowledge Outcomes in Organizational Settings: An Empirical Study", by Thomas MENKHOFF, Yue Wah CHAY, Benjamin LOH, and Hans-Dieter EVERS, 2010, 4, 1, International Journal of Knowledge Management Studies, 65-79.
  • "Knowledge Clusters and Knowledge Hubs: Designing Epistemic Landscapes for Development", by H.-D. EVERS, S. GERKE, and Thomas MENKHOFF, 2010, 14, 5, Journal of Knowledge Management, 678-689.
  • "Introduction: Chinese Philanthropy between Continuity and Change", by Thomas MENKHOFF and Chang Yau HOON, 2010, 24, 1 & 2, Journal of Asian Business (Special Issue on Chinese Philanthropy in Asia between Continuity and Change) edited by Thomas Menkhoff and Hoon Chang Yau), 1-12.

Teaching Cases

  • “Enhancing the Sustainability DNA of Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay through Induction Training”, by Thomas Menkhoff and Kevin Cheong. Case No: SMU-21-0048 / Teaching Note: SMU-21-0048. Centre for Management Practice, Singapore Management University (2022).
  • “National Library Board Singapore: Delivering Cost-Effective Service Excellence Through Innovation and People”, by Jochen WIRTZ and Thomas MENKHOFF. In: J. Wirtz and C. Lovelock (eds), Services Marketing: People, Technology, Strategy (9th Edition). New Jersey: World Scientific, C12.1-C12.10 (2021).

Selected Books and Monographs (Authored or Co-authored)

  • “Catalyzing Innovations for a Sustainable Future: Bite-sized Commentaries and Resource Materials”, by Thomas MENKHOFF, World Scientific Publishing (2021). 254 pages.
  • "Coping with Scarcity: Microenterprise Strategies in Nigeria", by Thomas MENKHOFF and Hans-Dieter SEIBEL, Cologne Development Studies, edited by Prof. H.D. SEIBEL, Saarbruecken, Fort Lauderdale: Breitenbach Publishers 1996, 1996, 160 pages.
  • "Trade Routes, Trust and Trading Networks - Chinese Small Enterprises in Singapore ", by Thomas MENKHOFF, Breitenbach Publishers, Saarbruecken, Fort Lauderdale , 1993, Vol. 54, 237 pages.
  • "Make Big Profits with a Small Capital'; - The Role of the Private Economy and the Informal Sector for the Urban Development of the People' Republic of China (in German)", by Thomas MENKHOFF and Wolfgang JAMANN, Minerva Publishers, Munich, 1988, Vol. 16, 246 pages.

Selected Books and Monographs (Edited or Co-edited)

  • “China's Belt and Road Initiative - Understanding the Dynamics of a Global Transformation”, by CHAY Yue Wah, Thomas MENKHOFF and Linda LOW (eds.), World Scientific Publishing, Book Series: Series on China’s Belt and Road Initiative, Vol. 7 (2019), 336 pages.
  • “Living in Smart Cities: Innovation and Sustainability”, by Thomas MENKHOFF, KAN Siew Ning, Hans-Dieter EVERS and CHAY Yue Wah (eds.), World Scientific Publishing (2018). 501 pages.
  • “Belt-Road-Initiative with Chinese Characteristics”. by CHAY Yue Wah, Thomas MENKHOFF and Linda LOW (eds.), World Scientific Publishing (2019 forthcoming).
  • "Catalyst for Change – Chinese Business in Asia", by Thomas MENKHOFF, Yue Wah CHAY, Hans-Dieter EVERS, and Chang Yau HOON (eds), World Scientific Publishing (2014), 446.
  • "Beyond the Knowledge Trap: Developing Asia’s Knowledge-based Economies", by Thomas MENKHOFF, Evers HANS-DIETER, Yue Wah CHAY, and Eng Fong PANG, World Scientific Publishing, Singapore, 2011.
  • "Governing and Managing Knowledge in Asia (2nd edition)", by Thomas MENKHOFF, H.D. EVERS, and Y. W. CHAY, World Scientific Publishing Vol. 9, 2010.
  • "The Future of Chinese Philanthropy in Asia between Continuity and Change", by Thomas MENKHOFF and Chang Yau HOON, Special Issue of Journal of Asian Business (Ann Arbor: Stephen M. Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan) Vol. 24. Numbers 1&2, Singapore, 2010.
  • “Chinese Entrepreneurship and Asian Business Networks”, by Thomas Menkhoff and Solvay Gerke (eds.), RoutledgeCurzon, 2002.

Chapters in Handbooks

  • “Corporate Governance of Innovation in Singapore Chinese Family Business”, by Geok Chwee ONG and Thomas MENKHOFF. In: Evans, K., Lee, W.O., Markowitsch, J. and Zukas, M. (eds), Springer International Handbooks of Education. Third International Handbook of Lifelong Learning. Springer Nature Switzerland AG (2022 forthcoming).
  • “Smart Cities: A Review of Managerial Challenges and A Framework for Future Research”, by Thomas MENKHOFF. In: George, G., Brown, M. Haas, M.R., Joshi, H., McGahan, A.M., Tracey, P. (eds.), Handbook on the Business of Sustainability - The Organization, Implementation, and Practice of Sustainable Growth - Research Handbooks in Business and Management series. Edward Elgar Publishing ISBN: 978 1 83910 533 3 (2022 forthcoming).

Research Advisor / Co-Research Advisor To

  • DONG Ming (ming.dong.2016@ckdba.smu.edu.sg), CKGSB-SMU DBA