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WANG Jiwei

Full-time Faculty
Associate Professor of Accounting (Practice); Programme Director, Master of Professional Accounting (MPA); Programme Director, Master of Science in Accounting (MSA)
School of Accountancy SOA

Dr Wang Jiwei has over 15 years’ industry and academia experience in corporate reporting, data & analytics and equity valuation. He is one of the key faculty at SMU who developed the new data & analytics curriculum in the accounting and finance domain. He is also the founding program director of the MSc in Accounting (Data & Analytics) program. Dr Wang has been doing applied research on international accounting standards, corporate governance, and securities regulation. He published research papers in prestigious international journals such as Journal of Accounting and Public Policy, Journal of Banking and Finance and Journal of Business Ethics. He served on the editorial boards to the International Journal of Business, International Journal of Accounting, and Singapore Accountant. His research has been profiled in the Financial Times and the Straits Times.


PhD in Accounting, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Bachelor of Economics, Xi’an Jiaotong University
FCPA, CPA Australia

Research Interests

Accounting Information and Corporate Governance in Emerging Markets
Accounting and Finance Studies in China

Teaching Interests

Data & Analytics
Corporate Reporting
Financial Statement Analysis

Selected Recognition and Awards

Dean’s List for SOA Curriculum Contribution
Dean’s Teaching Honour List, LKCSB
Most Cited Paper Award, China Journal of Accounting Research

Selected Appointments and Services

Judging Panelist, Best Annual Report Award, a sub-award under the Singapore Corporate Award, 2011 – present
Editorial Board: International Journal of Business, 2013 – 2016
Editorial Review Board: International Journal of Accounting, 2010 – 2011
Editorial Advisory Panel: Singapore Accountant, a publication of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Singapore (ICPAS), May 2007 – April 2010

Research/Co-Research Advisor to

DENG Jianlin, SMU-ZJU DBA(A&F) (jldeng.2019@dba.smu.edu.sg)
ZHANG Xiaodong, SMU-ZJU DBA(A&F) (xdzhang.2019@dba.smu.edu.sg)
XU Zhihao, SMU-ZJU DBA(A&F) (zhxu.2020@dba.smu.edu.sg)
ZHANG Baozhong, SMU-ZJU DBA(A&F) (bzzhang.2020@dba.smu.edu.sg)
MENG Fanwei, SMU-ZJU DBA(A&F) (fanwei.meng.2021@dba.smu.edu.sg)
SONG Zhaohuan, SMU-ZJU DBA(A&F) (zhsong.2021@dba.smu.edu.sg)

Selected Publications

“China’s “Mercantilist” Government Subsidies, the Cost of Debt and Firm Performance,” with Chu Yeong Lim and Cheng Zeng. Journal of Banking and Finance, volume 86, pages 37-52, 2018.

“Audit Committees and Financial Reporting Quality in Singapore,” with Yuanto Kusnadi, Kwong Sin Leong and Themin Suwardy. Journal of Business Ethics, volume 139, pages 197-214, 2016.

“Media Coverage and Firm Valuation: Evidence from China,” with Kangtao Ye. Journal of Business Ethics, volume 127, pages 501-511, 2015.

“Managerial Agency Costs of Socialistic Internal Capital Markets: Empirical Evidence from China”, with Kangtao Ye, Journal of International Financial Management and Accounting, volume 25, issue 1, pages 1-37, 2014.

“A Comparison of Shareholder Identity and Governance Mechanisms in the Monitoring of Listed Companies in China,” sole-authored, China Economic Review, volume 21, issue 1, pages 24-37, 2010

“Tunneling as an Incentive for Earnings Management during the IPO Process in China,” with Joseph Aharony and Hongqi Yuan, Journal of Accounting and Public Policy, volume 29, issue 1, pages 1-26, 2010

“Accounting-Based Regulation in Emerging Markets: The Case of China’s Regulation of Seasoned Equity Offerings”, with Kevin Chen, The International Journal of Accounting, volume 42, issue 3, pages 221-236, 2007


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